Jumbo Jumble

giant remote

I spotted this remote at a senior home. Presumably, the design goal was to make the buttons easier to read and target for elderly people with poor vision. However, this ginormous remote leaves the user awash in a sea of buttons. It has a less optimal layout than any remote I currently own.

While the seniors might be able to read the buttons and accurately tap them, can they figure out which ones to use to watch their favorite show? It looks orderly, but does this arrangement communicate useful relationships between buttons? Does it emphasize the most important functions, making them easy to find?

Communicating how to use this remote should be just as important as making the buttons easily seen.

Many people fail to realize that UX / UI encompasses so much more than the surface-level visual design. It’s also about crafting how the user moves from function to function to accomplish a desired outcome. While the way a product behaves is not something customers notice at a glance, when poorly designed, it is something they become painfully aware of during actual use.

With respect to the remote-for-the-elderly problem: here’s a creative approach to delivering the most important functionality: humanfactorsblog.org/2013/11/19/age-related-design-of-a-tv-remote/